9 Time Saving Tips From Professional House Cleaners


Clean faster and more efficiently with these intelligent everyday tactics.

1. Swap out your detergent

Perfect cleaning begins before you take up your scrub brush. Make the walls and floor of your shower shine for a longer period by stocking the bath with glycerin-based detergents. These detergents rinse better as compared with traditional tallow-based soaps, which can leave white, sticky soap scum coated on the walls.

2. Switch your phone off

Distraction occurs even to experts. It is imperative to streamline your routine by avoiding as many distractions as possible: put your phone on a vibration mode, shut down the computer, switch off your TV, and put aside other projects such as arranging the linen closet or packing away winter hat and scarves, for another day.

3. Do the easy things first

When cleaning, it is very critical for you to start simple. Spiff up some rooms with low traffic quickly and easily, as this will motivate you to handle a bigger washing duties in areas with high traffic such as washrooms and the kitchen.

4. Run the dishwasher

If your toothbrush holder is looking a little bit smudged or your dish drain looks grimy, using a dishwasher to effortlessly washing soap dishes, toothbrush holders, good filters, and dish drains is a perfect idea. If it is metal, ceramic, glass or hard plastic and provided they will fit well, then it is fair game.

5. Develop a squeegee habit

It is evident that not every individual who enjoy washing the tub and the shower. The cheapest means to minimize the tendency of washing your tub and shower is to get a squeegee and persuade every person in the house to use if after taking a bath.

6. Steam your microwave

Perhaps you took a washing break so that you can heat you some coffee. Maybe you often check the microwave on your kitchen washing circuit. Either way, it is evident that you have opened the door, and you will see the baked-on food particles on the walls, ceiling, and floor of the microwave. Fill a mug with water put in the microwave for 3 minutes, so it gets steamy. The steam will make the food particle soft, making the clean down easier.

7. Shake crumbs on the floor

Follow the top-bottom canon of cleaning in every apartment and knock off dust and rubbles from mantles, lampshades, bookshelves and curtains onto the floor as you clean your way down.

8. Give the vacuum a tune-up

Canisters, upright, and bagged-use anything that suits your choice and the floor surface, however, it is important to keep your vacuum perfectly maintained for highest sanction power and effectiveness. It ‘s nice to change the disposable bags each month, wipe the bottom and the interior parts of the machine and wash the rotating brush. It is also a good idea to take your vacuum cleaner to a professional to be serviced at least once a year.

9. Skip rarely used rooms

For the majority of households, an every week cleaning timetable is ideal. However, some duties need to be done once in a month.