What’s A Truck-Mount Carpet Cleaning System? Here’s Information You Should Know

If you are wondering what a truck-mount carpet cleaning system is or is not, it’s a carpet cleaning machine that you mount on the floor of a trailer or van. You might be wondering how everything works considering that carpets are usually found inside a house or building.

Well, what usually happens is that the van that holds the carpet cleaner would be parked near the premises. Then a vacuum hose and a solution line hose will be connected to the machine. The hoses will then be brought to the building. Then a carpet cleaning wand will be connected to the hoses end.

This type of carpet cleaner is able to clean carpets via the hot water extraction method. There are several benefits to using this carpet-cleaning system. For one, it does a good job of cleaning carpets. This is because of the power of the machine itself. Even the smallest machines have a power of 16 horsepower and can reach up to 60 horsepower.

These carpet cleaners usually heat the water by two methods:

* Heat exchanger

With this heating method, the heat is naturally generated from the vehicle’s engine and, sometimes, the vacuum pump itself. The water flows through a heat exchanger composed of the heater and a section where the water flowers through. The two sections share a side, so when the heater heats up, the water also becomes hot.

* Fuel heater

This type of heater needs heating oil or propane as the fuel to generate heat. Although this type of machine is less expensive at first, the cost does add up because of the cost of the fuel.


Both types of heating systems really have nothing to do with how powerful a truck-mounted vacuum cleaner can be.